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Mega Moto 80/105 Adapter Plate


Brand: GoPowerSports

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  • Description

    The Mega Moto 80/105 Adapter Plate will allow you to mount a Predator 212/Tillotson 212/Clone 196 Engine to your Mega Moto 80/105/E1000 frame.  This plate is tall enough to be able to use a 30 series Torque Converter Kit without any extra modifications to your bike.  Because of this height, you will need to relocate gas tank and run a Stage 1 Kit to fit in your frame.  No hardware included.

    • Allows you to bolt on a Predator/Tillotson/Honda Clone engine to Mega Moto 80/105/E1000 frame
    • Slotted holes for direct chain alignment with a centrifugal clutch
    • Extra set of holes for our GoPowerSports Fully Adjustable Motor Plate (#GPSFAMP).  Having both plates will allow you to run a 30 Series Torque Converter Kit.
    • Will have to relocate gas tank for clearance
    • Will have to run a Stage 1 Kit for clearance (#PPK2015); we recommend the GPS-0010 Side Exit Header Pipe or the Build Your Own.
    • Hardware not included (you will need 5/16" nuts and bolts)
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